Elegance, style and functionality in every detail: these are the fundamental aspects for a contemporary and convenient kitchen. In this article we will answer one of the questions we are asked most frequently: what are the best tiles for a kitchen?

The unrivaled performance and high technical qualities of our surfaces make them the ideal choice for the floors and walls of your kitchen. It is in fact important to remember that porcelain stoneware tiles are a safe and reliable choice for both floors and walls, unlike ceramic tiles which we recommend only for walls.


The backsplash, or backsplash, is one of the most important and eye-catching elements in any kitchen, and its choice affects the appearance of the entire room. However, the first function of a backsplash is not to influence the design, but rather to defend it: the wall behind the worktop must in fact resist high temperatures and the threat of dirt. Precisely for this reason, porcelain stoneware is the most practical solution: all you need to do is choose your favorite look, the ideal size and the finish that best matches the rest of the room, and maintenance will never be a problem thanks to the technical characteristics and surprising ease of cleaning and maintenance.


The choice of the most suitable backsplash tiles for kitchen renovation is essential to guarantee continuity and coherence between the different environments; in this regard, you can choose a neutral surface or something more eye-catching to serve as the main accent.

Don’t forget that cutlery, crockery and food can damage or stain the floor, and it is therefore advisable to use porcelain stoneware to ensure the cleanliness and durability of the rooms.

Furthermore, a wide range of textures, formats and finishes will ensure you find the alternative that best suits your tastes and the design of your kitchen, without ever sacrificing superior technical characteristics and ease of maintenance .


The choice of colors and combinations between different textures and finishes is fundamental to the creation of a refined and comfortable environment.

Light shades are always a winning choice when designing a kitchen: we are not necessarily talking about white, but also more unusual shades and shades such as pale pink, beige, ivory, vanilla, etc. There is an ideal solution for all tastes, compatible with the functionality of the kitchen and the design of the apartment.

The design of kitchen backsplashes and floors

There is a great debate regarding the design of kitchen backsplashes and floors: some think that the stylistic coherence of the surfaces is essential to ensure continuity, while others prefer the creation of a stylistic contrast to avoid boredom and redundancy.

Both choices, in reality, are respectable and at the discretion of the tastes and objectives of designers and owners.


It is important to pay attention to even the smallest details when designing your kitchen. First of all, choose in advance the type of lighting and light sources you want to install, especially in the cooking areas and dining room; it is important that the kitchen is always bright, even in the evening. Carefully plan the “work triangle” : hob, sink and refrigerator. Also decide on the positioning of the electrical sockets before starting construction or renovation work, making sure you have a sufficient number of them; the same also applies to shelves and containers, another crucial aspect for the functionality of your kitchen. Finally, plan in advance the height of the work surfaces and the inclusion of any built-in appliances: it is important that all these elements are functional for the creation of your future culinary masterpieces.

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